About Bez

Born Bez Emmanuel Idakula on November 10th, 1983 in Jos, northern Nigeria. Bez creates Alternative Soul, an unusual hybrid of Soul, Rock, Jazz and R&B that sets him well apart from the mainstream Afro hip-pop movement.
He is a natural performer with a charismatic and playful stage presence. His debut album Super Sun, has gone on to international critical acclaim, listed as one of 2012’s Hot R&B/Soul albums on iTunes USA and was rated among the Top 10 World Music Albums of 2011 by the US paper, Boston Globe. This has propelled Bez to other first-rate features on Vogue Italia, Essence.com, Rolling Stone Magazine SA, BBC 1 XTRA, BBC Focus on Africa and MTV Iggy Hall of Fame.

Since March 2012, Bez has performed music fromhis debut release Super Sun to critical acclaim in Africa, USA and the UK. He debuted at the SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas and at Harvard University. He showcased at a major iTunes store in New York and impressed iTunes so much that he was invited to perform at the iTunes Black Music Month Showcase in Los Angeles in June 2012. Bez’s feel good single ‘’That Stupid Song’’ was debuted on BET’s 106 and Park to massive reviews. He is the first African act to world premiere and be featured on the US and International network.

With the coming release of his sophomore album in October 2014, Bez is set to take on the world stage. From big band shows with his swinging fourman band to his intimate acoustic sets, Bez showcases his masterful guitar playing at every turn and proves himself as a noteworthy performer. He is currently signed to C.A.M.P

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