A0 Poster Font Size Guide

If relevant methods should be presented simply and concisely. A0 1189 mm high and 841 mm wide.

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The message that your poster contains should be clear and understandable without the requirement of oral explanation.

a0 poster font size guide. Size the poster must be no less than a1 and no larger than a0 size ao size is 841mm x 1189mm. Orientation of your poster must be in portrait style. The body of your poster should have a minimum 24 point font.

All posters should be in portrait format and size. Lettering the poster should be easily readable at a distance of two metres. Do not use all uppercase letters for the title or body of the poster.

Viewers should be able to read your smallest text from a few feet away. The title of your poster should have a 50 font size depending on the size of your poster and the length of the title. The text should be concise and easy to read.

The numbers on the chart represent font sizes in both arial and times fonts. It is a standardized size perfect to house a combination of striking film titles credits movie information and a compelling visual. Place the chart of your choice on the wall and look at it from approximately 3 to 4 feet away.

Its ok albeit strange for most scientists to use incomplete sentences and bullet points and to ditch details. Movie poster as the name suggests it is commonly used for movie posters character posters collectable vintage prints and large decorative posters. Sizes of other fonts may vary slightly.

Minimum recommended text sizes are. Posters should meet the following criteria. Use upper and lower case for general content as the use of all capital text is difficult to read.

Titles 72 sub titles 54 text 30 sub text 20 obviously the actual font used can effect this. 32 font size. Otherwise download and print chart b.

Less text more visitors to your poster. Again there may be restrictions depending on how and where you are presenting your poster but otherwise a great place to start is with a 48 x 36 poster in landscape orientation. If your poster size can fit in a 48×56 inch space download and print chart a on your desktop printer.

5 be a strong silent type. I recommend 600 800 taking those together i suggest the following font sizes are a good starting point. 85 pt font for the main title 36 pt for subheadings 24 pt for body text and 18 pt for captions.

This is the most common size poster we print. Text on the poster must be readable from a distance of a metre or so restrict your word count to only a few hundred words.

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