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Pollen from a crabapple tree will pollinate most apple trees provided that they blossom at the same time. The bees love these white and pink blossoms.

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Varia common names crown vetch zbas honey bees 3 bumble bees 8 this flower is actually quite pretty.

Best crab apple tree for bees. Its sometimes called tulip poplar but this is a misnomer as the species is actually a magnolia and not a poplar at all. The xerces society recommends choosing a variety with bright yellow flowers to best attract pollinators. Pears plums and cherries are a bit less widely planted though.

They remind me of my home towns chinese milkvetch which has the same shape of flowers but is a bit more red. Beekeepers will tell you their honey bees love tulip trees. It has good resistance to all four major crabapple diseasesfire blight apple scab powdery mildew and cedar apple rust.

How to choose the best crab apple tree. Indeed they have a longer flowering season than culinary apples and produce up to ten times as much pollen so one crab apple tree can serve as pollinator for a wide range of culinary apple varieties. Recently seedlings are being bred for their resistance to various diseases that target crabapple trees.

Most think a crabapple is a small bitter apple actually some crabapples are sweet and some true apples are bitter. The upright oval to vase shape of harvest gold crabapple makes the tree a good small shade tree as well as a flowering and fruiting ornamental. Pollination of apple trees and other fruit trees.

The colors vary depending on the variety you choose. Tweet family fabaceae genus securigera species s. Most fruit trees will provide forage to bees but apple malus domestica plum prunus domestica and cherry prunus avium trees are some of the most bee attracting trees you can.

Iowa state university extension and outreach. People cant agree on the definition of crabapple. Crab apples are so effective at pollinating other apple varieties that old time orchardists would take branches of crab apples in bloom and put them in a bucket of water in the middle of their apple orchards.

January 22 2015. If you are in an urban environment you probably wont need to worry about a pollination partner for your apple tree there will usually be compatible apple trees or crab apple trees in neighboring gardens and hedgerows. Crab apples however are self fertile.

In the real world you must make tree selections based on the best fit. How to pick a winner. So if you have an old tree that is on its last legs you can replace it with a stronger sapling and keep the crab apple presence.

Therefore if you want to attract birds to your crabapple tree choose a cultivar that has small fruit. Medium green foliage turns clear yellow in fall. Thats where the consensus stops.

It grows here by the road side and.

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