Common Apple Tree Pests And Diseases

Adequate watering fertilizing as needed seasonal pruning preventative and active spraying fall cleanup and winter protection. Apple trees are perhaps one of the most popular fruit trees to grow in the home garden but are among the most prone to disease and problems as well.

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Apple scab is one of the most common and most serious diseases that afflict apple trees.

Common apple tree pests and diseases. But if you are aware of the most common apple trees growing problems you can take steps to keep them away from your apple tree and the fruit which means you can enjoy more and better apples from your trees. Examples of good practices are. There are a variety of apple tree pests including aphids apple maggots codling moths scale and mites.

Round headed apple tree borer. Unfortunately there are numerous pests of apples just a few of which are. Several diseases and pests affect apple trees leading to the production of small distorted or damaged fruit.

Pest and diseases affecting apple tree branches and trunk bark cracked patches of bark sunken down canker is a fungal infection which enters tree wood at the site of existing damage normally caused by bad pruning techniques although damage by woolly aphid see above can also allow the fungus to enter the tree. In some instances application of chemical treatments may be necessary. Disease resistant apple trees are easy care options for growers who prefer a low spray or no spray orchard and for all apple trees routine maintenance can help keep most problems at bay.

The disease is caused by the fungus venturia inqequalis which overwinters in infected leaves left on the ground. Monitoring apples trees for signs of pests and disease and following good cultural practices can alleviate many problems. Fungi are at the heart of some of the most common apple tree diseases.

Aphids can have color variations ranging from green to yellow brown red or black depending on the type of aphid. In each case for small scale growers prevention is preferable to treating trees after they have become diseased via fungicidal sprays. It usually appears in early to mid spring and is more prevalent during rainy weather.

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