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Though some of these apple miniatures appear better suited to a dollhouse kitchen and probably taste just as wooden there are several edible crabapple uses. Like regular apples their seeds do contain toxins.

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Despite their unpleasant sharpness crabapples generally arent dangerous.

Crab apple fruits edible. Originates from franklin grove illinois circa 1869. Jelly is made with apples and sugar so even the not so sweet crabapples will do well in this form. Their blossoms appear in spring typically in april or may and appear as single semidouble or double blooms.

Fall fruit colors on crabapples include bright glossy red yellow and red yellow only orange red deep red and even yellow green depending on the variety. The spring blooming blossoms of the crabapple tree appear as double semidouble or singe and are seen in april to may. If you can up a lot of them you also have gifts for every single relative on your christmas list.

Pacific crab apples have been an important traditional native food source for thousands of years in the region. Are crabapples edible to humans as well. Flesh is sweet juicy and slightly yellow.

Some ornamental crabapple trees produce small fruit others dont produce fruit at all. Crab apple trees also have showy fall foliage that ranges from orange and purple to red and yellow. Crapapple trees are also noted for their brilliant fall leaf color ranging from red and orange to purple and yellow.

Fruit colors range from yellow and orange to bright red and purple. All crab apples are edible. In fact its the only native apple tree in the west.

Edible crab apple tree varieties. At 14 to 2 inches in diameter crabapples look like miniature versions of regular apples. However a crabapple has a sour pithy taste.

The crisp juicy white flesh has a sweet flavor good for canning jelly apple butter or spiced apples. Their small edible fruit ranges in size and color from 14 inch to 2 inches and from bright red and purple to orange and yellow. Eating fruit of crabapple trees.

This tree produces a large harvest of red golf ball size apples that are perfect for canning preserving pickling spicing and cider. A couple good varieties for cooking are chestnut and whitney. Of course crabapples arent just for the birds to enjoy.

Crabapple trees hybridize readily so if you have a tree on your property theres a decent chance youll never know quite what it is. For the most part however crabapple owners prefer to cook the fruit into preserves butters sauces and pies. Small sweet edible crab apples.

Crabapples might give you a sore stomach if you eat a few but they wont cause poisoning. However ornamental crab apple trees have been bred for their beauty not the flavor of their fruit. Also produces beautiful pink and white blossoms in spring.

The bright orange red fruit sweet enough to eat right off the tree grow to 2 inches. These tiny crabapples are not poisonous and are perfectly edible. Edible crabapple tree varieties.

Pacific crab apple is a medium sized deciduous fruit tree with beautiful fragrant white pink blossoms and edible nutritious fruit. The fruits will also keep birds coming to your yard for fruit well into late fall.

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