Crab Apple Trees That Dont Drop Fruit

Water the crabapple tree regularly. We chose these ten trees based on their impressive bloom and fruit and the fact that they are unaffected by apple scab.

Why Apple Trees Dont Produce Fruit Home Guides Sf Gate

Fruit from ornamental crabapple trees can be somewhat bitter.

Crab apple trees that dont drop fruit. They are among 68 crabapple cultivars most of them planted in 1998 currently being evaluated at the plot for their disease susceptibility and general aesthetics. Plant crabapple trees in full sunlight. Some plant breeders have developed crab apples that really hang on and the branches are cut and used for decoration.

These are unusual for being fruitless crabapple trees. These are plant hormones that cause leaf fall fruit fall and are not produced equally by all trees even by all apple trees. If you find an ornamental tree that produces tasty but small fruit consider using the fruit in recipes that dont require peeling or coring to save time such as apple butter or apple jelly.

The tree does not tolerate wet soil or standing water around its root system. When messy trees are planted next to sidewalks streets and structures seed shedding becomes even more of a problem. Fall is the time to select the best one for you.

Crab apple flowers are impressive in spring but they dont last too long so its best to choose a crab apple tree for other reasons including fruit tree size and form and disease resistance. Most crabapple trees do not get very tall making them a nice accent for the front of your home. If you want food for deer dont buy a tree with fruit the size of peanuts that hang on the tree until dried.

When youre choosing a crab apple its the fruits that matter not the flowers. For trees that hold their fruit over the winter red or golden fruit can add interest to an otherwise bleak landscape. If you like these ornamental trees but arent interested in picking up all the rotting apples from underneath them you can try a spring snow prairie rose or marilee crabapple.

If you google crabapple decoration youll probably get a zillion hits. If you live in the northeast it is important to select a variety that is cold hardy and resistant to apple scab. The tree prefers slightly acidic soil conditons with a ph of 50 to 75.

Choosing your crabapple tree. There is also the color of the fruit to consider. Avoid unsightly or damaging seed drop by choosing trees that bear few or no.

If you live in the southeast dont buy a tree without resistance to fireblight. Planting the tree in partial shade or full shade will limit blossom and fruit production. It is one of the best crabapple trees for southern areas because it has a low chill requirement for flowering and fruiting.

However ornamental crab apple trees have been bred for their beauty not the flavor of their fruit. There is a variety of crabapple tree that does not produce fruit. It also has excellent resistance to scab fire blight powdery mildew and cedar apple rust even through hot humid summer conditions.

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