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For the most part however crabapple owners prefer to cook the fruit into preserves butters sauces and pies. Fall fruit colors on crabapples include bright glossy red yellow and red yellow only orange red deep red and even yellow green depending on the variety.

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Some crabapple fruit trees are more palatable than others.

Crabapple fruits. When people look for fruit trees for a small garden they think of the standard grocery store fruit. Centennial crabapple is a semi dwarf measuring about eight feet. Consider planting a crab apple tree.

And yes there is no consensus on how to spell crabapple 1. Dolgo and centennial are varieties that are sweet enough to eat right off the tree. Gala apples italian prune plums freestone peaches and a few other familiar fruit.

A couple good varieties for cooking are chestnut and whitney. Dolgo grows to approximately 35 feet and can be ornamental or edible when used in jellies sauces. Crabapple sauce with its higher pectin content is a really good base for low pectin fruit leather try 50 crabapple and 50 other fruit for best results.

Whitney flowering crab is a good choice when you need a shorter tree as it reaches 16 feet in. Crabapples are essentially the same species as apple trees. The fruits will also keep birds coming to your yard for fruit well into late fall.

Crabapples usually arent grown for their fruit. Here are five reasons crab apples should be in your garden plans. The foliage will also turn color but the fruits often persist long after the leaves come down.

Eating fruit of crabapple trees. Crabapples may present more danger for pets such as dogs. Is crab apple tree fruit dangerous.

Chestnut crabapple tolerates. Crabapple sauce alone is thicker chewier and almost like gummy bears or jujubes when turned into apple sauce. If youre worried that crabapple fruit is.

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