Crabapple Trees With Small Fruit

Lancelot is a great crabapple for small space gardens because it remains under 10 feet tall and has a similar spread. Depending on their variety the small to medium sized trees also can be a source of edible fruit.

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The best crabapple selections have small fruit less than one half inch with bright attractive colors red orange and yellow.

Crabapple trees with small fruit. Crabapple trees enhance the aesthetics of lawns with their attractive foliage and fragrant blossoms. While it is a bit more susceptible to diseases than other crabapple trees it is still one of the toughest trees good for zone 2a. While crabapple trees are closely related to apple trees they typically bear smaller fruit and have slightly different blooms leaves and growth habits.

Pink spires flowering crab grows a bit narrower than other trees to about 15 feet. Growing prairifire trees is easy. Best crabapples for your yard best crabapples for your yard.

The flowering crabapple malus is a spring blooming tree in the rosaceae family. Leaves are oval and deeply green with reddish veins and petioles but emerge with a purple tinge when young. Fall colors range from red to orange.

Crab apples fall into two categories when it comes to fruit size larger fruited or small berry like fruitsthe larger fruited forms are attractive because of the size and vividness of the fruitlets. How to grow prairifire crabapples. Many crabapple varieties are hardy drought tolerant disease resistant adaptable to various soil types and grow to a mature height of less than 20 feet suitable for small spaces.

Home gardeners usually select crabapple trees to complement the landscape with a compact tree for flowers or for pretty foliage but like other ornamental trees crabapple fruit will appear in the right season. Crabapple trees are great ornamental choices for a variety of settings and most are. Pollen from a crabapple tree will pollinate most apple trees provided that they blossom at the same time.

Fruits vary from less than ΒΌ to 2 in diameter. January 15 2019. It is also one of the biggest at 25 feet.

Crabapple trees are famous for their colorful fragrant springtime blooms. Its compact branching habit gives it a neatly rounded to. The ornamental fruit of a crabapple puts on a show during the fall and winter.

By definition malus trees with fruit larger than 2 are not crabapples but apples. Prairifire crabapple information identifies the fruit as a pome. Apple trees require a pollinator of another compatible apple variety to set fruit.

Crab apple trees pollinate other apple varieties.

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