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Enjoy these pictures of elderberry trees. Sometimes propagated as an ornamental shrub the elderberry bush is a member of the honeysuckle family.

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The american elderberry sambucus canadensis is a deciduous shrub that comes from north americaeach year the plant will be covered with clusters of tiny white flowers that are followed by purplish black fruit.

Elderberry shrub pictures. You will find a lot of wonderful information on elderberry trees below including facts about the elderberry tree species planting information and much more. The flowers and fruit have applications in alternative medicine though its sibling common elderberry or sambucus nigra is the species that is usually used for healing. York is a cultivar of the american canadenesis and is available as a shrub from nature hills nursery.

Picture elderberry by roger butterfield. The two most common types of elderberry plants are the european elderberry sambucus nigra and the. It attracts birds and butterflies and can be pruned back every few years to keep it looking good in a landscaped garden.

Intense purple black foliage is finely cut like lace giving it an effect similar to that of japanese maple. Though most varieties of elderberry are self fruiting you can encourage higher yields by planting another cultivar of the same species nearby. Elderberry collection 2 bare root plants.

So now you not only get the lovely 8 to 10 inch blossoms and prolific dark purple fruit but in some varieties of elderberry colorful foliage as well. These new elderberry bush varieties have been bred for their ornamental characteristics. This deciduous shrub produces a fruit that in recent years has become very popular.

The elderberry plant produces some of the most wonderful opportunities for pictures. From blooms to berries and then jam or wine the elderberry is an excellent candidate for photos throughout the growing and making process. This valuable info will help you to learn more about the elderberry species and help you to identify the elderberry tree.

Indeed some designers are using it in place of more sensitive plants since black lace is extremely durable and adaptable. Black lace elderberry is a perfectly stylish addition to your landscape.

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