How To Make Crab Apple Fruit

The flowers are often the first draw for this kind of tree but crabapple fruit comes in a variety of colors and add visual interest when they form in the fall. How to make crab apple jelly steps pick the crab apples.

Everything You Need To Know About Crabapple Trees And Then Some

Put the apples through a food mill.

How to make crab apple fruit. Wash the crab apples. Crab apple jelly my parents have a crab apple tree. You might need to rake the apples into a pile each time after picking up a shovel full of apples.

So i cooked it up after i strained it through 3 different strainers each smaller woven than the last turned out very very. Bring the mixture to a boil stirring constantly and cook until you can see the change in viscosity when the liquid drips off of your spoon. If youre cooking crab apples down to make a jam youd sieve the jam and strain out the seeds.

Place the crab apples in a wheelbarrow or bucket so you can move the fruit easily. This is my first time making the jelly. Measure the juice and add the sugar.

2 12 cups cold water. Pour into sterilised jars and seal. How to make crabapple fruit leather remove the stem and wash the crabapples.

18 tsp ground cloves to taste. Ours has been positioned at the bottom of the garden and under planted with shade loving perennials. 5 12 cups sugar.

Ingredients 12 pounds apples eashed and cored no need to peel. Put the crab apples in a saucepan and cover with water. The trees themselves have a relaxed open habit that offers both shelter and food for visiting birds.

34 cup lemon juice. I didnt have the mesh bag so i left the cooked crab apples in a strainer for an hour. 5 cups apple juice.

The foliage will also turn color but the fruits often persist long after the leaves come down. For ease of putting the crabapples through the food mill. Crab apples are essentially the same as apples except that they bear smaller tarter fruits.

1 12 cups clear jel. 1 tbsp cinnamon to taste. Put the crabapples in a large stock pot.

However pickled crab apples are usually large chunks of crab apple rather than something homogenous like a jam so removing the seeds prior to pickling makes them easier to eat later. Squeeze the lemon and add to the juice and sugar. Cook the apples till soft.

Note if you are making your whole batch as blueberry crab apple you can add blueberries at the beginning with the crab apples turn heat up to high and stir in all the sugar. I put my apples through my norpro food mill. I didnt want to wait 4 hours to 24 hours.

12 tsp ground nutmeg to taste. The fruit on a crabapple tree can be another layer of ornament in your yard.

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