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Its lumpy green exterior hides creamy flesh that is rich in vitamins a and c fiber and magnesium making it a flavorful low fat treat. Its descriptive english name has been widely misapplied to other species and to the hybrid atemoya and it is sometimes erroneously termed sugar apple sweetsop and by spanish speaking people anon or rinon in.

Red Custard Apple The Better India

Custard apple has vitamin c magnesium copper which helps in relieving joint pain and indigestion.

Images of red custard apple. Custard apple tree or annona squamosa is a deciduous fruit tree in the annona family and is native to the west indies and was brought to central america and southern mexico. It grows regularly in the bahamas and southern florida. To speed up the ripening process you can place it with a banana in a paper bag.

Custard apple is not only a delicious fruit but is excellent for the skin as well. Citation needed for uses of other fruit from the custard apple family see. Place the fruit on kitchen table for 2 3 days to ripen it.

The most comprehensive image search on the web. However these exotic and rare fruits are often difficult to find in the produce section of supermarkets and can cost a pretty penny. Sugar apple is high in energy an excellent source of vitamin c and manganese a good source of thiamine and vitamin b 6 and provides vitamin b 2 b 3 b 5 b 9 iron magnesium phosphorus and potassium in fair quantities.

Both in tree and in fruit the custard apple annona reticulata l is generally rated as the mediocre or ugly duckling species among the prominent members of this genus. Find out all health benefits of custard apple. It was also introduced into tropical africa in the 17th century.

It has many names depending on the region. Just a little bit of intro into what the sugar apple is all about before shedding more light on the reasons why you constantly need this fruit very close to you. Therefore it is a perfect choice for pregnant women who are allergic to dairy products.

What then is sugar apple. The custard apple fruit tree comes in 2 3 5 7 10 15 25 30 gal sizes. The custard apple tree yields sweet and delicious fruit unlike any other.

It is referred to in the united states as the sugar tree. Benefits of custard apple for skin. The custard apple is a deciduous fruit tree that is native to the west indies and was brought to central america and southern mexico.

Custard apple is believed to be a good alternative to milk. Sugar apple annona squamosa l is one of the most important fruits among the long lists of medicinal and nutritive fruits. A philippine company produces sugar apple wine.

When you buy custard apple from market it will be unripe and quite quite hard. It grows regularly in the bahamas and southern florida. When the custard apple fruit ripens it will of pale or dull green skin and soft to touch.

Good for skin rejuvenation.

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