Plum Tree Identification Pictures

What tree is that. The american plum tree is a part of the rose family a family that also includes the cherry and the apple tree.

Victoria Plum How To Identify It By The Fruit Youtube

As such control plum disease at the first opportunity after discovery for the health of.

Plum tree identification pictures. Our illustrated step by step process makes it easy to identify a tree simply by the kinds of leaves it produces. The purple leaved plum tree is a dramatic ornamental tree. Problems with plum trees are many and diverse resulting from wind spread virus bacterial and fungal spores also distributed by splashing water.

Enjoy these pictures of plum trees. The plum is botanically known as a drupe meaning its fleshy fruit surrounds a single hard seed a smooth stone or pit. Like all plants however things can go wrong and this page is designed to help you identify what the problem is and the best method of dealing with it.

There are the native species and introduced european and asian species many of those grow naturalized in north america. Plum tree care and diseases plum tree care pruning disease prevention. Plum tree diseases may slow or stop production of the fruit crop.

This is a vast subject. Plum trees are among the cold hardiest of fruit trees some species growing in regions with winter temperatures that are well below 0 degrees f. The american plum grows wild throughout much of the united states from the upper midwest south to the texas coast and east to the atlantic coast as far north as the middle of new england.

How to identify plum trees by john. It is usually selected for its abundant and stunning display of pink flowers and lush reddish purple leaves. If you are not interested in growing cherry or plum trees but just finding the fruit try going to the natures restaurant online site for cherries plums.

Full size each plum tree picture you like just click on the tree image to make the plum tree photo enlarge. Begin identifying your tree by choosing the appropriate region below. Each tree picture category on the left gives you information about the specific tree types and lots of great pictures of that tree.

In the absence of fruit it is not so simple. When fruit is visible on the tree it is simple to identify a plum tree. At a glance other fruiting trees can look very similar and the only way to tell them apart is through subtle differences.

By david marks plum trees are one of the more resilient fruit trees and if they are given good care then they will most likely remain unaffected by pests and diseases. Of all the species of plum trees two species are grown the most for commercial fruit production worldwide the hexaploid european plum tree prunus domestica and the diploid japanese plum tree prunus salicina and hybrids. Different types of plum trees can be difficult to tell apart.

Plum trees prunus spp come in a wide range of different species and cultivated varieties or cultivars. Tree identification field guide.

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