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Of course proper care of your trees is essential if you want them to remain healthy and attractive. Common squirrel deterrents for fruit trees include ro pel capsaicin or hot pepper oil and sticky topical applications for trunks and limbs.

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To help solve this problem use a fruit eliminator spray to stop the crabapple tree from bearing fruit.

Prevent fruit crabapple tree. Can anyone tell me a way to stop it from setting fruit. Im trying to plan for 2006. Chemical sprays can prevent fruit from growing on a crab apple tree.

How to keep a squirrel out of fruit trees. The idea of the spray is to stunt the growth of the fruit before it has a chance to form. You may not even see the damage because the flowers may open.

The constant clutter is an eyesore on the otherwise manicured landscape attracting rodents and birds and posing a slipping hazard as the fruits rot. I would rather do that than cut it down. The timing of the application is critical to the success of the product.

The fruits and seeds of some trees and shrubs such as buckthorn mulberry persimmon and female ginkgo are unsightly smelly and have the potential to be a hazard when they fall on sidewalks driveways and other areas in a landscape. Not only do crabapple trees add texture and color while producing fruit but they also improve your homes curb appeal and value. My only other choice would be to cut it down.

A simple metal collar 2 feet wide around the trunk of a tree prevents entry to the canopy of the fruit tree too. Trees and shrubs like crab apple maple liquid amber sweet gum flowering pear and even pine produce fruit that may not be desired by a homeowner. I would love to keep his tree but since the apples are worthless and make a mess i would like to find some way to stop the tree from setting fruit in 2006.

Preventing or reducing fruit on ornamental trees and shrubs nuisance fruit is a concern for many people including homeowners landscapers and park and city officials. Some ornamental crabapple trees produce small fruit others dont produce fruit at all. The key to stopping the crap apple tree from growing its fruit is to stop the fruit at just the right time and apply a chemical to the tree that disrupts the fruit growth process.

Why is there no fruit on my tree. These tiny crabapples are not poisonous and are perfectly edible. Trees with smaller fruits and ornamental specimens are especially problematic as they drop copious amounts of debris and aborted fruit.

However ornamental crab apple trees have been bred for their beauty not the flavor of their fruit. Although durable and easy to grow the crabapple tree is susceptible to a few diseases. Wait until your crabapple tree is in mid or full bloom before applying the fruit eliminator spray.

Once the flower buds begin to swell and develop there is a risk of frost damage. The frost does not have to occur during full bloom for the damage to occur. Temperatures much below 29 degrees f will prevent fruit formation.

All crab apples are edible.

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