Profusion Crabapple Tree Fruit

Crabapple fruit is green or red. It is not a messy tree.

Flowering Crabapple Edible Crabapple Fruit Flowering Crab Apple

Provides food for wild life through the winter.

Profusion crabapple tree fruit. Some species and cultivars have orange and pink blushes. True to its name the profusion crabapple is a deciduous tree producing a profusion of deep red blooms and small red fruit to usher in the spring. This crabapple is known for its rounded shape violet red flowers and red fruit.

A great tree year round. The profusion crabapple tree malus profusion is a spreading violet red flowering tree that typically matures to 15 20 feet tall and accessible to usda growing zones 4 8. It is an extremely hardy tree that is disease and pest resistant.

Its relatively small stature makes for a nice multiple specimen plantings as evidenced by the morton arboretums 25 year old triptych. The tree develops 12 inch diameter ruby red fruits that persist into winter. An upright spreading crab with purple foliage fading to bronze.

It is hardy to 15 degrees zones 4 8. The berry sized fruit hangs onto the tree and very little of it drops to the ground. The small fruits are 2 inches or fewer in diameter and the tree leaves are shorter and.

Fruit colors range from yellow and orange to bright red and purple. Profusion crabapple is a rounded tree with a spreading form. Deep pinkish red flowers produce persistent maroon fruit.

Profusion crabapple is an exceptional tree for your yard but particularly stunning in the spring when red buds pepper its branches with color. Trees used as street trees will require regular pruning early in their life to train lower branches for pedestrian and vehicle clearance. The tree has a medium growth rate and reaches a mature height of about 20 25 feet.

Foliage emerges purple turns bronzy green in summer and rounds out the season with mottled yellow orange and green tones. Hardy to 30f maximum elevation. The spring blooming blossoms of the crabapple tree appear as double semidouble or singe and are seen in april to may.

The profusion crab is easy to grow in any location it is adaptable to any soil types. Crapapple trees are also noted for their brilliant fall leaf color ranging from red and orange to purple and yellow. There are hundreds of crabapple cultivars with single or double red pink or white flowers and varying fruit size.

Offers a stunning profusion of scarlet burgundy flowers deep red winter persistent fruit and disease resistance. The buds open into 15 inch blossoms that blanket the tree in a brilliant splash of vibrant hot pink. Edible crabapple tree varieties.

This crabapple will produce deep red fruit.

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