Rose Apple Variety

Because the tree occupies considerable space and the fruit is little valued the rose apple has not been planted in florida in recent years though there are quite a number of specimens remaining from former times. Health benefits of rose apple.

Belle De Boskoop Apple Tree

Apples are certainly one of my favorite produce items.

Rose apple variety. A natural galasplendour cross pacific rose gets its signature pink hue from splendour a heritage apple variety from new zealand and its unique taste profile combines both parents flavors to perfection. Refreshing sweet and crisppacific rose is more than just good looks. The rose apple is a highly decorative evergreen large shrub or small tree growing to about 20 feet with low spreading branches and pale brown bark.

And yes there is a favorite apple out there for everyone. Excellent rich sweetness not sugary more like fine honey. Most people would not expect to open it up and see the rose colored flesh.

Hard to eat just one. A beautiful specimen is thriving in the rather cold windy rare fruit section of quail gardens in encinitas. Tried this variety for the first time this past december.

Fights free radical damage. Airlie red flesh is one of the best flavored and latest ripening red fleshed apples also known as hidden rose. Im not a fan of thick skin but its worth it in this variety which is a unique blush rose color.

The hidden rose apples they distribute as certified organic. Hidden rose is a perfect name for this apple. Its really amazing and maybe somewhat overwhelming how many varieties of apples exist today.

Very firm and lots of juice. And as the ag industry continues to evolve the amount of apple varieties will continue to grow. Rose apple is rich in vitamin c which prevents the damage of free radicals pollutants and toxic chemicals which leads to the health ailments such as heart disease cancer and arthritis.

You may also see it going by the name of airlie red flesh name after its city of origin. The rose apple flourishes in the tropical and near tropical climates only. The variety was first discovered in the 1960s growing as a seedling tree on land owned by lucky and audrey newell near airlie in oregon between corvallis and independence.

The rose apple is too large to make a suitable container plant description growth habit.

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