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Strawberry begonia is a plant which belongs to the saxifraga genus. Saxifraga stolonifera strawberry begonias are small low growing evergreen perennials that spread by runners called stolons just like a strawberry plant does.

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Browse pictures and read growth cultivation information about saxifraga species creeping saxifrage strawberry begonia strawberry geranium saxifraga stolonifera supplied by member gardeners i.

Strawberry begonia pictures. Strawberry begonia strawberry geranium roving sailor saxifraga stolonifera gift from ab planted may 15 see more. It does have leaves that resemble the begonias and like the strawberry reproduces itself by putting out runners that grow baby plants at. Saxifraga stolonifera is a perennial flowering plant known by several common names including creeping saxifrage strawberry saxifrage creeping rockfoil the quite ambiguous aarons beard and strawberry begonia or strawberry geranium it is neither a begonia nor a geranium.

The leaves are hairy with burgundy red undersides. Saxifraga stolonifera strawberry begonia grows in a mound of rounded scalloped leaves with decorative silvery veins. But i had a surprise this year when i discovered that the plant is a hardy perennial for me here in north carolina.

View picture of strawberry begonia strawberry geranium roving sailor saxifraga stolonifera at dave garden. A strawberry begonia plant produces a lovely white flower with pointed petals and a bright yellow center. They have rounded coarsely toothed green leaves with silver marbling and covered with a fine hair and having reddish undersides that form a loose rosette.

Its most charming feature though are the long runners with plantlets dangling from the plant. It is native to japan south korea and china. What youre doing is forcing the begonia to grow before it normally would which gives you a head start on the growing season.

How to grow strawberry begonia though it is not a true begonia or even a kind of strawberry the strawberry begonia is a popular houseplant. The variety tricolor has attractive red and cream colored variegated. Strawberry begonia care isnt complicated and growing.

Strawberry begonia great as a house plant or a ground cover ive always considered strawberry begonia plants as an indoor plant since that is the way that i have generally grown them. All pictures are contributed by our community. Like a strawberry plant new babies develop on a strawberry begonia plant at the ends of each of the stolen indoors or on your porch a strawberry begonia plant makes a beautiful hanging plant.

Tuberous begonias need warm temperatures and at least moderate humidity before theyll sprout but you can start them inside in a terrarium so theyll be ready to move outdoors once the weather is reliably warm. Strawberry begonia plants are a good choice for the indoor gardener who wants a compact and rapidly growing houseplant. Display it in a hanging basket to show them off.

Saxifraga stolonifera also called roving sailor or strawberry geranium grows and changes quickly in an indoor atmosphere.

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