Types Of Crabapple Fruit

Fall fruit colors on crabapples include bright glossy red. Adams this crabapple has a rounded to pyramidal shape with deep pink flowers and glossy red fruit.

Gurneys Whitney Crabapple Malus Live Bareroot Standard Fruiting

Types of crabapple trees features.

Types of crabapple fruit. The fruits of some kinds of crabapples fall when ripe while others stay on their trees through winter. The foliage will also turn color but the fruits often persist long after the leaves come down. As members of the rose rosaceae family the majority of crabapples thrive in us.

Native sweet crabapple trees m. From the fruit and buds in the spring to the vibrant colors of fall it is no wonder crabapples are called jewels of the landscape although there are 25 varieties in america about half of these. The flowering crabapple tree is one of the most ideal plants to have on your landscape for all four seasons.

Another type that produces larger and sweeter fruit than usual crabapples this one is great for preserving canning and pickling. Centennial crabapple is a semi dwarf measuring about eight feet though it can reach about 15 feet on standard rootstock. Indian magic crabapple trees have a round stout shape.

The pink and white flowers attract birds and self pollinate as well. Leaves are green turning shades of yellow orange and red in fall. All crabapple trees have deciduous leaves.

Varieties that produce edible fruits include dolgo malus x dolgo and donald wyman malus donald wyman both of which are hardy in usda zones 4 through 8. The tree blooms in spring with single white fragrant flowers. Its fruits are orange red in color and they stay on the tree well into winter.

The large red fruits 1 to 1 12 inch diameter of the callaway crabapple are good for making jelly as well as attracting birds to the garden. This variety adapts well to a wide range of soil types and can tolerate short lived droughts. Apple crabapple crosses result in sweeter fruit.

Indian magic crabapple trees have delicate pink blossoms that attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Approximately 1000 crabapple cultivars are known to botanists. Callaway another white flowering crabapple with red fruit this variety consists of an oval round shape and produces attractive fall foliage in shades of yellow orange and red.

Sweet crab apple blossoms. Types of crabapple trees description. The southern crabapple tree grows throughout portions.

Hybrid crabapples for cooking. Each fruit tends to be under 2 inches in diameter. North american gardeners traditionally enjoyed preserves ciders.

Varieties of fruiting crabapples sweet crabapple. Some types of crabapple tree. Depending on the cultivar you plant your tree could blossom.

The flowers are often the first draw for this kind of tree but crabapple fruit comes in a variety of colors and add visual interest when they form in the fall.

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