What Does Star Apple Taste Like

They are sweet but not that sweet. Describing flavors is always difficult.

Star Apple One Of The Many Fruits We Tasted Picture Of Taste

Todays vid is all about the star apple.

What does star apple taste like. A little info about it and a taste test chrysophyllum cainito is a tropical tree of the family sapotaceae. The pulp of the star apple is aromatic and has a tropical sweet flavor with nuances of apple lychee and persimmon. You can also make a fruit salad with star apple and other tropical fruits like mango pineapple and papaya.

66 of a fixed oil. The only down side is preparation. To fully ripen keep at room temperature and once ripe store in the refrigerator.

In india street vendors make a refreshing star apple lassi smoothie by blending the ripe fruit with yogurt and pistachio nuts. For a star fruit salad cut the fruit into slices and add them to a bowl with other tropical fruits like banana or mango. The texture is the most interesting part about this fruit.

Its also very juicy. Then you can cut the fruit across the broad side into slices and eat them plain. So now check out few health benefits of apple star for health.

Star fruit has a sweet mild taste kind of like a honey dew melon. Have you ever had persimmon. Star apple is a wonderful source of dietary fiber and thus the fruit is able to keep your digestive system in good health.

It tastes like a star fruit. Apple star is rich in phosphorus another mineral bone healthy. It may take a while to seperate the fruit from the skin but the time spent is well worth the wait.

Seasonsavailability star apples are available in the spring. Ripe star apples will be slightly wrinkled and dull in color with a soft give when squeezed. Fruits of the star apple look like a rubber ball.

More precisely but less usefully i can give you a lengthy list of flavor compounds found in star fruit including butyl acetate found in bananas hexanol described as fatty fruity woody and fermented limonene oranges ionone roses and megastigma 58 e and z dien 4 one i have no idea what that tastes like. At ysmina i had a star apple for the first time in india. The flesh is almost like gelatin in some parts.

Its kind of like persimmon but slightly less sweet. As an added benefit star fruit contains plenty of anti oxidants and are a great source of vitamin c. In hawaii people simply eat fresh star apple as a snack or dessert.

To eat a star fruit start by rinsing the fruit under water to remove any dirt or debris from the surface. The taste reminds me of some other tropical fruits. Toxicity the seeds contain 12 of the bitter cyanogenic glycoside lucumin.

24 dextrose and 375 ash.

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