What Fruit Is African Star Apple

The african star apple is a dark yellowish fruit with semi circle seeds a popular seasonal fruit in the west africa region. The seeds lie side by side within the fruit such that when the fruit is cut on a cross section the seeds are arranged in a star formation hence the name of the fruit.

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The color ranges from green when unripe and orange when ripe.

What fruit is african star apple. Sapotaceae african star apple is a popular tropical fruit tree that is african star apple also known as white star apple cherry agbalumo yoruba udara igbo and otien edo in nigeria is associated with the dry season. The tender sweet inner flesh is off white with seeds making the inner to look like a star shaped fruit. Tree or the fruit of african star apple is issued a white sap that has a texture like chewing gum.

The african star apple also known as the agbalumo or udara has some wonderful health benefits. On the fruit that is still raw and fruit flies in the fruit that is ripe. Of course it is already popular across africa for its sweet sour taste and gummy skin.

You can see the fruits on sales along the highways and roadsides all over the country especially in the southern part of nigeria. The exotic fruit which has an edible skin that ranges in color from green to orange depending on the stage of ripeness. This happens because sugar is hydrophilic which basically means that it attracts water.

African star apple udara fruit cocktail. Because the sugar content in the macerating solution is higher in concentration than the sugar content within the african star apples water is forced out of the fruit to bring the system to equilibrium. Just as information according to a study insects that can be disturbance in this fruit is a scale insect coccus hesperidum l.

The african star apple locally called cherry is in full bloom. 10 health benefits of african star apple based on research. African star apple is a very popular fruit in nigeria called agbalumo in yoruba and udala in igbo language.

Botanical name chrysophyllum albidum locally known as agbalumo udara is a west african origin exotic fruit with a tough leather like green to dark orange skin depending on the stage of ripeness. The african star apple or white star apple. The bright orange colour darkens as the fruit ripens.

Botanically called chrysophyllum albidum fam. African star apple which is also known as udara in ibo and agbalumo in yoruba is a fruit enjoyed by the nigerians. The fleshy pulp of the fruit is eaten especially as a snack and its fruit has been found to have higher contents of ascorbic acid than orange and guava.

The african star apple is a bright orange fruit that has got 4 to 6 seeds within it.

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